For Modal Britain Christmas is a time rooted in tradition. It’s the festive culmination after months of planning, when they loosen their purse strings and splash out on those closest to them.

On the lookout for gift and party inspiration from early August, Modal Britain is ready for the Black Friday to Boxing Day deal season, scouring the shops and internet in a bid to create the perfect Christmas for their families.

When it comes to hosting they are no different, increasing the range of supermarkets they visit considerably, seeking value where possible to keep costs down as they look to offset more extravagant festive treats.

Our readers love traditions

90% of our Modal Mums audience are looking forward to Christmas

55% are looking forward to New Year's Eve

They want to spoil their loved ones

On average, Modal Britons spend £333 on Christmas gifts

Modal families spend the most on Christmas gifts

They like to have everything planned and under control

Mums are systematic in tactical planning and buying. 72% spread the cost over several months

Dads tend to leave things till later and start looking out for inspiration in the second half of November

Modal families spend the most on Christmas gifts

With this in mind, a quarter of Modal Brits went over budget last Christmas

They like to have everything planned and under control

Modal Mums may have Christmas wrapped up before December, but Modal Dads are still on the lookout for the perfect gifts

Source: Survey of 908 TMS readers

Top gift categories

Toys 66%
Clothing 61%
Books 58%
Cosmetics, fragrances 49%
DVDs, boxsets 48%
Vouchers 46%
Alcohol 41%
Food 55%
Accessories 43%


of Modal Britons start thinking about gifts they are going to buy this month...but dont start spending just yet


start saving money for Christmas

In 2015 Black Friday sales exceeded the £1bn mark for the first time ever. Total sales over the whole weekend that year totalled more than £3bn

36% of Modal Mums look forward to the Black Friday sales and they're 20% more likely than average to take advantage of Black Friday offers


like to wait to take advantage of the sales

1 in 3

buy things for themselves and their home

Our Modal Brits were determined to look after themselves more in 2016 and take their weight under control

…but there's always room for improvement as 59% say they try to take care of themselves but could do better

Sources: Mouthpiece Christmas survey 2015, Mouthpiece Dining Out survey 2015, Mouthpiece State of the Nation survey 2015, RAM panel survey, Touchpoints 6.