Trinity Mirror Solutions's digital partnership with Nestlé is a story about first class problem solving.

And problems don't get any bigger than not having a programmatic relationship at all with Zenith Optimedia, the agency planning Nestlé's programmtic buying.

So how could we solve our big problem? By turning problem solver for Nestlé and Zenith.

Zenith and Nestlé were looking for a fixer - a team that could sweep in and solve the issues they were having in targeting digital ads for a range of Nestlé brands (Cheerios, Shredded Wheat, SMA nutrition, Nescafé, Felix, Purina, Shreddies, Maggi, Cerelac, Buxton).

Lots of brands, lots of target audiences, and one big targeting issue - over-exposure.

Nestlé were concerned that their target audiences were being alienated from their brands because they were seeing their ads too much - neither the audience nor the brand were keen for Nestlé adverts to keep popping up on every site they clicked on!

All in all a bit of a pickle.



The challenge for us was to put the audience at the heart of any solution - we weren't just selling our pre-roll video and digital display inventory, we also needed to position ourselves as the audience-targeting problem solvers.

How could we drive messaging of specific brands within Nestlé's portfolio to laser-targeted new and existing audiences without over-exposing those audiences to advertising content, not just within our own portfolio but also across MailOnline and YouTube as well (Nestlé's other digital advertising partners)?



Utilising our proprietry first party data we were able to build target segments for each of Nestlé's brands, drawn from a combination of behavioural, contextual, search and intent data points pulled from across the Trinity Mirror Network. Intent data relied on lookalike modelling audiences who were likely to be in the market for one of Nestlé's brands and then triggering them into a consideration stage, with Nestlé at the front of their mind.

We used these bespoke segments to serve our audience Nestlé digital messaging across pre-roll video and display.

Now for the problem solving bit.

Because we were able to build up a detailed understanding of our audience through behavioural and usage data capture, we were able to push that data from our DMP (data management platform) directly into Nestlé's DSP (demand side platform).

This made our first-party data immediately actionable as we could frequency cap the amount of Nestlé branded communications our audience were seeing to two a day. For example, using our data Nestlé were now able to exclude audiences on MailOnline and YouTube from seeing messaging if they had already seen it on the Trinity Mirror Network.



  • Uplift in Nestlé programmtic spend with Trinity Mirror of 12000% between September 2015 and September 2016.
  • Turning Zenith Optimedia and Nestlé from 'not a client' into 'valuable client' has opened up programmtic relationships with even more brands - Next, Very, RBS, Lidl to name but a few.
  • For our clients we have enabled them to improve their efficiency in buying, across Google in particular, by reducing the duplication of ads.