Cadbury Roses: A Month of More Thank Yous


Cadbury approached Trinity Mirror Solutions to get more people giving Cadbury Roses as thank you gifts. We were tasked with re-engaging the nation with the positive power of thanking others, inspiring more occasions of appreciation – from the big right down to the everyday thanks. 


Prior to 2016, Cadbury Roses had not had any focus or investment for more than 10 years. In 2016, Roses invested in ATL, along with a redesign of the packaging and product. They began to see the first green shoots of growth, but were still faced with being seen as dated and out-of-touch.

Our insight had shown that the UK was a nation that had forgotten the power of saying thank you in a meaningful way – our challenge was to re-engage society with the art of thanking. 


Throughout September, we made it our mission to inspire and enable a Month of More Thank You’s – setting out on a campaign to get our readers saying thank you to more people, more often. To inspire, we launched the campaign by telling Daily Mirror readers of our mission – the need for more thank you’s. Each week we then featured good-news stories, thanking the inspirational people at the heart of them who we felt deserved it most.

To enable, we gave people the information and tools they needed to say more thank you’s, from outlining the art of saying thanks and a little history behind it, to giving our readers the opportunity to publicly thank someone who has helped them or done a good deed. We used our launch piece to encourage readers to send us their uplifting stories of everyday kindness; their submissions then featured in a weekly ‘Thank You Kindly’ column, and in a series of #MadeUThank pages – a twist on the Mirror’s daily #MadeUThink page. Finally, we thanked each contributor with a box of Roses. 


  • 56% of readers agreed that the campaign made them think about someone they should say thank you to

  • 38% agreed that the campaign made them feel more positive about Cadbury
  • The launch piece in particular saw engagement at 70%, beating the editorial benchmark by 11ppts. 71% of readers agreed the feature ‘made a nice break from more serious news stories’, with 60% wanting to see more articles like this in their paper
  • And we received some great feedback from our readers:

    “It made me feel happy just reading it! It was definitely inspiring and very enjoyable to read,
    plus there was some new information” – Female reader aged 55+

    “Thought provoking – it’s made me have a good look at myself and ask ‘do I say thank you
    enough?’” – Male reader aged 55+

    “It’s good to see more feel good features in the newspaper” - Female reader aged 35-54