Halloween Might Be Americanised But It’s Great For The Modern British Community

Every Halloween there are those who complain about the inevitable onslaught of people knocking on their door, disturbing their evening, possibly scaring them all for the sake of taking part in an activity that has nothing to do with its origins.

If you think about it though, it’s perfect community activity. Something we probably don’t do that often even though we plan on becoming more involved.

When we think of a community event it might be volunteering at a local charity, holding a pub quiz or even petitioning the local council to fix some pot holes. What we don’t think of is taking a group trick or treating or being prepared to open our doors on Halloween to hand out some sweets. We all want to be involved more in our local community and it is these events, which are extremely simple and do not require a massive amount of effort that has the ability to create more of a community and bring us closer together.

However, in parts of the UK over the past few years people have put up signs which say “No trick or treaters” and others simply pull their curtains and hope that it is over as quickly as possible.

There are some though who revel in these events, the major eventers. These are the people who get involved despite the fact normally they have very little interest, the people who suffer from FOMO or the fear of missing out. Think about how many people take an interest in the

Superbowl even though we have no idea how to play American football. Social media plays a huge part in Halloween being a major event as we see photos of our friends and family dressed up and taking part.

What if we all became major eventers and took the opportunity to engage and meet the people who live in our area, instead of just ignoring those who are reaching out to us? It does not need much to be involved in the community these days and we can do it without even leaving our home.

In today’s day and age with people moving more frequently, it is very easy to ignore our neighbours and feel like our communities do not matter. However if we do not put the time into our own communities then why should we get annoyed when others don’t?

We are constantly being told about the elite and feeling as though our local area is no longer being thought of because the establishment are out of touch with us. It is the communities we live in though which drive the UK. Our local areas where we help out those in need, we share an inspiring local news story or get together for a celebration.

As the saying goes, you get out what you put in. And we need to put into our region again. It means we won’t be forgotten about by the establishment, which includes politicians and big brands. This will encourage them to reconnect with us, and therefore will help our community to grow and flourish even more.

Like I said before, this does not require a huge amount of effort from us, it can be very simple and can start tonight with Halloween.

So step one, go and get a pumpkin shaped lantern to hang from your door to show people you can be approached.

Step two, stock up on some miniature heroes or some Pick N Mix. Everyone loves them and they are hard to come by since Woolworths shut down.

Step three, don’t shut the curtains and ignore the doorbell. Open up and pretend to be sacred by whatever costume they are wearing.

After all it is the perfect opportunity to bring you and your neighbours closer together and feel like a community again.  




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